From the Pastor's Desk

“He restores my soul.”  Ps. 23:2

Everyone handles their own soul—they choose to deal with their thoughts and feelings, or they simply flow with the direction of those thoughts and feelings. When your thoughts and feelings signal you that you are inwardly worn out, troubled, upset, angry, disappointed, despairing, or disillusioned, you must stop and get your soul “fixed.” 

The only “shop,” for soul-repair, is His Presence and His Word.  There, the Great Restorer takes you tenderly and wisely into the place of being restored.  No one can afford to let their thoughts and emotions run on and on when they are not good.  To do so, is to run into more serious trouble. 

“I don’t know what to do?” is often the question that comes to mind.  The answer is simply to recognise the signal to turn to the One, who has all the answers and all the remedies for soul-pain. What is the state of your soul today?  Who and what has affected your emotions or feelings and thoughts in a negative way?  Don’t get or stay angry.  Don’t get into unforgiveness or stay bitter. 

Don’t drift into depression or stay in a depressed state, go to your GP and get some tablets.  Go to The GP, The Great Physician, and get His “medicine” of joy, the renewing of the mind and soul-repair.  It seems too simple.  Well, that’s the way it is.  Love on Him.  Do what He says, meditate in the Word.  Worship in faith.

Believe what He says and not all the other “voices.”  Your soul is well on the way to be A-1!