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“Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.” Isa. 55:2.

Sometimes, God’s people suffer from a ‘poor diet.’  The verse above says, “…eat what is good….”  There is a huge ‘buffet’ of items to consume in our face as we walk through each day.  We can ingest so much that is not a good diet, by design and unwittingly.  The end result of eating the wrong ‘foods’ is that we get ‘sick.’  It may be a slow-acting sickness that seems to be, not-so-consequential.  However, our souls become ‘constipated’ with the ‘garbage’ we have unwittingly consumed. 

No one would knowingly drink bleach, eat rat poison, or attempt to digest mouldy bread.  However, in spiritual terms, we may do that if we have allowed our inner conversation to be governed by the negative, unhealthy input of this world, Satan and poor choices. The promise of the verse above is that your soul will be satisfied with the richest of fare.  Want to have a happy life?  Want to enjoy the best life?  Eat the best food!  Eat the Word (Jer. 15:16), “eat” fellowship with other believers, and “eat” or consume the Presence of God in communion with Him.  Stop with the ‘junk food.’ 

“Eating,” in a biblical sense, is listening to Him and listening for Him. Make the space on your ‘table’ of consumption for Him.  Sit and enjoy His food.  Rise, satisfied, and empowered.  Your life is good.  Whatever comes, you are ready, because you ‘ate’ well and are energised by the Spirit to discern and to deal with it!

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