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“By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family.”  Heb.11:7.

Noah, according to the verse above, ordered his life around information he had received that was not based in anything that had been seen with his own natural eyesight.  He took decisions and actions consistent with that information, simply, because he believed that information was valid and in so doing, would please God.  That kind of lifestyle, and it was a lifestyle, is the lifestyle of faith.  He heard from God.  He acted in accord with what he heard, although it may have been laughed at in his day.  His faith pleased God.  His faith secured his salvation and his family’s salvation. 

What is the significance of what God is saying to you at this time?  Have you decided and acted upon it or are you waiting for something else to come before you decide and act?  Have you let yesterday’s actions and efforts and disappointments mire you in the ‘mud of inertia?’ Are you “stuck?”  Break out of that place of passivity, delay, and stoppage time and get moving in faith again!  Your breakthrough may take longer than you had hoped but it is certain, as God has given you the victory from before the beginning of the process. Do what you know to do and trust in Him.  Wait in the ‘rest of faith’ and let your persevering faith work in you, the confidence in God that makes you into a bigger person.  God is helping you today!  Take His hand and go forward!

If you have been suffering from drift, recognise it, ‘throw some wood on the fire’ of repentance and return to passionate living!

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