From the Pastor's Desk

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Matt. 10:8.

We have been commanded to heal the sick according to the verse above.  If we have been commanded to do so, then we can do so.  If we don’t do what we have been commanded to do, we are disobedient. None of us want to be disobedient so we must make every effort to obey God’s Word and do what He has commanded us to do.  It seems challenging, but nevertheless we must obey.

To be successful at something that is humanly impossible we must know how to access the supernatural ability that enables our obedience.  We learn from God’s Word that He is the Healer.  We learn that He, as the Healer, lives in us.  He is One with us and we are One with Him—so we live in a partnership with Him. 1 Cor. 6:19. We use His authority which is our authority to do what He has commanded us to do. 

We do what we have been commanded to do, like He did it, when He walked the shores of Galilee. We believe that He is in us, on us and flows through us.  Col. 1:27. As the Father, was (and is) in the Son, Jesus acted in faith.  He believed.  He touched (“lay hands on the sick”). He spoke to sicknesses and conditions with authority and they left.  We do the same acting in partnership with Him as He did with The Father.  He uses our heart of faith, our hands, and our powerful authoritative words.  Because our words are so powerful, it doesn’t take many of those powerful words.  Just a very few as it took just a very few words of command when Jesus spoke. We don’t ask the Father to do it. He told us to do it! We don’t use a lot of words and pray long prayers. We give short commands and the work of healing is done!  Its developmental.

Start today. Forget yesterday…get on with being obedient! Others will be healed because you are!